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Why should home dwellers convert their home into a smart home?

July 26, 2021

Since industrialisation, when industrial technology had entered into the domestic space, it has gradually lessened the burden of a housewife in daily chores.

Since industrialisation, when industrial technology had entered into the domestic space, it has gradually lessened the burden of a housewife in daily chores. Electricity-based appliances (with electric motors)have reduced drudgery and saved time for home dwellers, enabling them to focus more on creative works or entertainment. But thanks to IoT and smart grid applications in the 21st century, home appliances (both white goods and brown goods) reduce labour or time and save energy and money. Furthermore, thanks to smart lighting and motion sensors, home dwellers can further optimise domestic energy consumption. Moreover, smart thermostats offer a controlled indoor climate for the home. In short, a smart home offers convenience, entertainment, and a controlled climate to the home dwellers.

But one of the major tangible benefits it offers to home dwellers is unprecedented safety and security. Urbanisation, the megatrend of our time, has enhanced urban dwellers' quality of life and life expectancy. But one of the major side effects of urbanisation is the sharp increase in inequality spawning petty crimes, burglary, and theft. In that context, a smart home(with ubiquitous 4G and Wi-Fi-5)can be a real technological solution to save urban dwellers' lives and property.

Many Indian companies such as Konnsys have taken the initiative to provide smart home automation(IoT ecosystem) that connects all the gadgets and appliances and control and automate them. Konnsys IoT system supports nearly all wireless protocols. Home dwellers can manage all the domestic tasks with apps or voice-assisted commands(Alexa and Google Assistant). Motion sensors detect the moving object and alert unwanted intrusion. While the entry sensors sense the opening of doors and windows. A gas detector detects the natural gas leakage and alerts the dwellers. Smoke sensors detect fires and fumes and keep the home safe from fire-related accidents. A multifunctional button can be linked to any action, such as triggering a burglar alarm and always keeps the home in safe mode. Temperature & humidity sensor detects indoor temperature and humidity, respectively, and automatically adjusts to the occupant's need and keeps the indoor climate in perfect condition. Wi-Fi camera provides a 360-degree live stream of home and back yard, giving peace of mind to the occupant. Smart cabinet lock Secure your assets through smart devices via Bluetooth, which prevents the need for a key to open the cabinet.

Whether the home occupant is inside a home or away from home, smart home security(with a security camera, alarm systems, and connected video doorbells) deter burglars from breaking into a home and protect a home. Thanks to the Konnsys mobile app, dwellers can keep a tab of his/her home remotely and preserve his/her asset.

A smart home converts the home into a secure nest, a fortified house, and gives home dwellers peace of mind. That’s why home dwellers should convert their homes into smart homes.

By  nikson mogaria   |  July 26, 2021
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