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Company Profile

Konnsys, a leader in IoT and cloud-based technology, provides simple, affordable and engaging solutions for customers of any size to make their spaces smarter and their occupants more efficient, environmentally-aware and informed. We leverage our expertise of combining disparate hardware, software, cloud and provide an intelligent, secure and scalable ecosystem. Konnsys has a team of professionals working together to serve high-end home automation systems to manufacturers, businesses as well as consumers. By keeping in mind the user access rights, Konnsys ecosystem integrates multiple security layers seamlessly into a network and thus provides end-to-end security to the enterprises. The nature of our service and the accuracy of our solutions make us stand out from the rest as we assure simple yet effective solutions from our end. The motive of Konnsys is to make the world a smarter place to live with the fullest utilization of the available technology and smart minds.

"To deliver a centralized controlling ecosystem that will automate homes, buildings or any other kind of space and provide a healthy, safe and secure environment."


"To provide heterogeneous, scalable and secured automated ecosystem that efficiently connects, controls and communicates from anywhere."

Automation System

High-quality Life through Technology

Solutions provided by Konnsys bring multi-ranging beneficiaries to any and every type of client and help them lead a comfortable, convenient and smart life. We have self-developed innovations that have high-end features, productive functionality, human-friendly and interactive designs that can make your lifestyle a cut above the rest.

Automation System

Rich Customizable Application Scenarios

Konnsys has developed a concept of “customizable scenario” based on five major application scenarios: smart home, smart office, smart hotel, smart rental apartment, and smart campus. It is for the clients to be able to operate the systems according to their requirements and comfort. Designed with a user-oriented motive, our solutions are completely customizable to deliver our clients what they want.

Our Companies

We have our partner companies across the world that work under the same agenda and expand the smart automation market.

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