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Partners Ecosystem

This is just the beginning of a new era where technology is smart and artificial intelligence is taking over the world. Internet of Things has now become a necessity for all as it has made life convenient and better. IoT is an umbrella concept that makes room for modern technology and smart input/output that can be accessed and performed. Smart Automation Solutions by Konnsys offer numerous benefits in one plate, thus making it suitable for various types of spaces: Home, Office, Industries, Hostels, Hotels, Restaurants, Retail, etc. You might get stuck in choosing the right kind of solution for you. But our team will help you get your hands on the most appropriate, suitable and beneficial model that will match your requirements. The partnership helps both the parties in growing together!

Channel Partners


Through our Channel Partnership, we provide our partners with premium quality, prebuilt IoT solutions that can be marketed and sold by them to their customers.

Solution Partners


If you are looking for IoT solutions or even suggestions that can help you go about the process, you can partner with us as we bring to you the right kind of solutions that assure efficiency.

Distributor Partners


Under our Distributor/OEM partnership, we additionally enable our partners to create their customized brand using our prebuilt IoT solutions and sell them to their customers.

Distributor Partners

Partner Engage Program

The Partner Engage Program extends numerous end to end, functional and smart solutions to our partners to help them increase their clientele and market value. The program is an opportunity to spread and reach out to a larger target group.

Distributor Partners

Partner Profitability Program

We strongly believe in flexibility and thus provide our partners with a flexible pricing structure so that they can fix their prices above our fixed price to sustain in the market and earn enough.

Distributor Partners

Partner Innovation Program

For us, communication and relationship management is the topmost priority. We constantly interact with our partners and keep them updated about innovations, upgrades and market offerings so that they are sufficiently educated about the IoT industry.

Distributor Partners

Partner Growth Program

Our motto is to build long term relationships with our partners by extending all the possible suggestions and assistance from our end. We provide completely customizable solutions and if required in future, we can mould our designs and solutions as per end user requirement and market needs.

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