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Are you a smart user?

Nowadays, most of the things we see around us are smart. Be it a smartphone or a smartwatch, the millennials are intrigued to make use of all the next-gen technologies that are disrupting the traditional consumer space.

Quite literally, the introduction of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) has disrupted the way users interact with devices. What previously needed human effort, now can be done through voice instructions and a few clicks. Amazon’s Alexa is one of the most common examples to prove this theory.

Personalization is touching every aspect of the consumer journey, so much so that individuals can now automate spaces around them.

Several smart gadgets add value to the environment individuals live in. Have you ever forgotten to turn off the lights of your kitchen and disdained to go back and turn it off? Has it ever happened that you wished there was someone to look after your family in your absence?

The smart home gadgets change the way users interact with spaces. From Smart Bulbs to Motion Sensors and Smart Cameras, each of such device carries a unique characteristic that converts living spaces into interactive agents of smart living.

Let us take a look at the 5 must-have smart home gadgets that can change the way individuals interact with spaces.

What is a smart gadget?

A smart gadget is an IoT based electronic device connected to another device or network to operate interactively and autonomously. Some examples of smart gadgets are:-

  • Smart Bulb
  • Smart Plugs
  • Motion Sensors
  • Smart Cameras
  • Smart TV

Smart Bulbs

Smart Bulbs are the most common and useful smart home gadgets to automate living spaces. A hub, which acts as the CPU in this case, operates the smart bulb by sending out instructions. A simple example could be how Amazon’s Alexa and the smart bulb interact with each other and the users through voice instructions.

With smart bulbs, users can now set the right light ambience for different moods with a single bulb. This does away with the need for purchasing different colour light bulbs to personalize spaces. In simple words, a smart bulb acts as the smart control of the brightness and mood of living areas along with saving energy and reducing costs.

Smart Plugs

A Smart Plug is yet another type of device that lets users have better control over their electronic devices or home appliances. Using a mobile app, users can turn on or off any device connected to the smart plug.

The use cases are quite intriguing. With the help of smart plugs, users can now remotely control their TV, Washing Machine, AC, or a Toaster for that matter. They can also schedule when an appliance starts or turns off at a given point of time.

A smart plug enables users to control all types of electronic devices using a few fingertips in their home spaces.

Motion Sensors

The concept of Motion Sensors has been in light for long but has gained a lot of momentum since it’s integration with living spaces. It is one of the must-have smart home gadgets that enables users to control the living environment around them and boost security for that matter.

Motion sensors allow users to detect moving objects and sense motion presence. By installing motion sensors, users can now know when the doors of their home open and close. This is very useful to detect unwanted intrusion and take timely actions.

Motion sensors can also control other devices such as bulbs or fans by turning them on and off on realizing presence in its sense-area.

This home gadget makes living spaces more interactive and well-suited for homes with children and old age citizens.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras have changed the definition of home security. With the type of workforce in the system, individuals stay busy and usually need help to look after their family in their absence.

A Smart Camera is a wifi connected device that enables users to receive 360° live stream of their home spaces. In short, users can now monitor their children or parents and ensure their safety from miles away.

Smart TV

A smart TV is the modified version of traditional television sets. The next generation smart televisions connect to the internet, just like personal computers and laptops. It enables users to browse the internet, stream live movies, videos, songs, and much more using the internet.

Smart TVs have flipped the way traditional TVs, set-top boxes and cables, collectively worked. The users have now become empowered to watch whatever they like, whenever they want using this must-have smart home gadget.

The Bottom Line

This is the smart age which is running in sync with the changing living styles and standards of individuals. These 5 must-have smart gadgets can disrupt the way users interact and control their home spaces. The biggest USP of installing these devices is the convenience and support that makes spaces smarter and in turn, the user’s life easy. They enable users to follow a healthy living and save out on a lot of energy and cost by becoming a one-time investment.

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